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Special facility for orphans

One seat in each class is reserved for orphans. Everything Admission fee, tuition fee, full uniform (two sets), books, exercise books, etc. will be free for such students up to X Standard.


An Annual Function is organized every year in the month of August to-give opportunity to the students to take part in extracurricular activities and develop their personalities.

The biggest function the school celebrates is the Annual Day. Distinguished persons are invited on the occasion as Chief Guests. The students participate with great interest and work hard in hand in hand in order to make the occasion a grand success. Old students of the school are also invited to this function and given chance to express their thoughts and to exchange the ideas with the present students. Ail academic awards are given on this occasion. There is mass participation of the students and parents in this function. Teacher's Day is observed every year. On this day Best Teacher of the school is also awarded. No parents or guardians are allowed on this day.

Extra Curricular

Students of the school are encouraged to develop their artistic skills in the field of art. Elocution contests, GK and Mathematics competition are also held periodically. In addition, students are encouraged to excel in all areas and enhance their own self-image, respect for others, environment awareness, self-motivation, self discipline and critical thinking skills.



The school library is a vast reservoir of books which aim at the growth of the students. To imbibe reading habits in students and staff members, the school offers a wide range of latest fiction, poetry prose, philosophical books, magazines, comics, newspapers, text books, audio and video cassettes, CDs and other visual aids. Computer facility is also provided in the library. Children storybooks are stored abundantly in junior sections.

Computer Facility

Trinity Public School is ever growing and enriching the educational environment. A brand new enlarged computer with new computers and total updated wiring and access is installed. Free computer education is given to all the students of the school. Students of IX and X Standards are given the facility to choose Computer Science as one of the optional subjects.

Science Lab

The school has well equipped science laboratory to provide perfect knowledge of science to the students. Practical works are done whenever the students need. They are guided by trained and experienced teachers in the subjects.


The school has introduced three clubs - Eco Club, Language CIub and Maths Club. Eco club has been actively involved in sensitizing the students on various environmental issues. The Eco Club of the school is actively involved in activities like- "No Plastic Campaign" to sensitize the students and teachers on the harmful effects of plastic bag disposal and encourage them to use paper bags instead. The school has been declared as "No Plastic Zone". Every year the school celebrates "Environment Day" on 5th June.

Language Club-it is started from 2011. A president and a vice president will lead the members of the club. All the members will gather in Language Lab once a week with the president and the vice president. Group discussion and practice with audio-visual aid will be main features. The members are given ample opportunities to showcase their talents.

Maths club - it is started from 2011. A president and a vice president will lead the members of the club. The president, particularly, guides all members, and regular tests of the students' intelligence will be performed. Grades of tests will be maintained by the president. This club is started with the main objective of promoting the hidden talents of the students.



The school has a system of awarding Scholar Badges, Coats to the deserving students for their meritorious performance in academic. Scholar - It is awarded to the students who stand first in the session/annual examination scoring 90% or above. The students will be awarded free studentship for the session.

Scholar coat - It is awarded to the students declared Scholar's Badge holder for five consecutive years starting from III Std. Such students will be granted Free Studentship, too.

Chairman's Trophy - It is the highest award given to the students of IX and X Std. for his I her overall outstanding performance. The student must get not below 85% in each subject in all tests and examinations held by the school.

Honour Roll

Trinity Public School recognizes the students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement in the areas of English, Mathematics, science, Social sciences and vocabulary. Such excellent students are elected as Safety Patrols for the responsibility of ensuring the safety of fellow students. The safety Patrol program enables students, to participate in promoting safety skills among their fellow students.

Progress report

There are regular weekly assessments of Students before and after Terminal Examinations and Sessional Examination. A Report card is maintained for every student, and results of tests and examinations are conveyed lo the parents/guardians to enable them to keep a record of the child's performance in the school. This Report Card is to be signed compulsorily by the parents/guardians.

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